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Improving Functional Outcome and Outcome Measures in Total Knee Arthroplasty

B.L Fransen                   December 2019                                      Proefschrift Fransen


Musculoskeletal Health in Musicians; Epidemiology & Biomechanics

L.M. Kok                       November 2018                                       Proefschrift Kok


Non-viral gene delivery of BMP-2 for bone regeneration Cell-free and cell-based strategies

L. Loozen                      Juni 2018 Universiteit Utrecht                   Proefschrift Loozen


Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: Studies in the Loaded Disc Culture System

C.P.L. Paul                    Februari 2018 VU Amsterdam                   Proefschrift Paul


Operative treatment of displaced clavicle fractures: optimising implant choice

M.H.J. Hulsmans           Juni 2017 Universiteit Utrecht                   Proefschrift Hulsmans


Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

H.A. Zuiderbaan           Juni 2016 VU Amsterdam                          Proefschrift Zuiderbaan


Preclinical challenges in the surgical treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration

S.E.L. Detiger               Juni 2016 VU Amsterdam                         Proefschrift Detiger


Effects of changes in coating, design, and bone on the results of total knee arthroplasty

R.P. van Hove               Februari 2016 VU Amsterdam Proefschrift Van Hove


Straightforward:Innovation and Evaluation in Dupuytren’s Disease

H.J. Kan                       November 2015 Erasmus Rotterdam         Proefschrift Kan

Intervertrebral disc biomechanics. Long-term axial loading studies

P.P.A. Vergroesen         Oktober 2015 VU Amsterdam                   Proefschrift Vergroesen


Adipose stem cells on a biodegradable polymer for spinal fusion (pre-clinical studies)

R.J. Kroeze                   December 2014 VU Amsterdam                Proefschrift Kroeze

Outcome of plate and intramedullary fixation of displaced midshaft clavicle

fractures; a search for the optimal surgical treatment

O.A.J. van der Meijden   September 2014 Universiteit Utrecht        Proefschrift vdr Meijden


Towards targeted treatment for osteosarcoma

J. Posthuma de Boer      Juli 2014 VU Amsterdam                       Proefschrift Posthuma de Boer


Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound treatment in delayed bone healing

S. Rutten                      Januari 2013 VU Amsterdam                   Proefschrift Rutten


Novel regenerative strategies for the treatment of intervertebral disc herniation

J.L. Bron                       November 2012 VU Amsterdam               Proefschrift Bron


Regeneration of degenerated intervertebral discs with adipose-tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells

R.J.W. Hoogendoorn      Oktober 2009 VU Amsterdam                  Proefschrift Hoogendoorn


Experimental treatment modalities for osteosarcoma preclinical studies on virotherapy, chemotherapy and small molecule therapy

H.C.A. Graat                 November 2008 VU Amsterdam


A comparison of Radiographic and Scintigraphic Techniques To Assess Aseptic Loosening of a Total Hip Prosthesis

O.P.P Temmerman        Oktober 2007 VU Amsterdam


Gene therapy of Osteosarcoma; Preclinical studies with adenoviral vectors and adenoviral oncolysis

M.A. Witlox                   December 2006 VU Amsterdam


Optimization and clinical application of the AMC-Bioartificial liver

M.P. van de Kerkhove   Maart 2004  AMC Amsterdam


Bioabsorbable cage devices for lumbar interbody fusion

M. van Dijk                  Januari 2004 VU Amsterdam  


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